Updates – End of Summer

We kept working on the struggle for a new NY Social Studies framework over the summer – sorry for the lack of updates.  Some key events since our last writing included;

  • Met with Regent Cashin and Deputy Commissioner Slentz regarding our critiques and proposals
  • Continued work on NYC “local measures” for social studies which further sharpened our understanding of what we need, and don’t, in terms of state curriculum and assessment
  • Participated in a special meeting of AFT Social Studies in D.C. which helped us develop state and nationwide contacts and provided an opportunity to strategize with Kathy Swan (lead writer of the C3 framework) and Susan Griffin (executive director of NCSS)
  • Continued to seek a place at the table and also a voice with people already at the table in several other ways

Our key demands remain that the NY State Social Studies Framework should prioritize inquiry, depth, and choice.  We see the C3 Framework as an excellent guide to making that happen and NY as a potential national model for meaningful and powerful social studies standards. 

We hope to post more soon – including ways of other folks continuing to get involved.  In the meantime, good luck to everyone in the new school year.